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Electric Beach introduces VersaSpa age-defying sunless tanning and more . . .

VersaSpa is an automated skin-treatment spa that delivers a flawlessly even application for soft, smooth, supple, and beautifully bronzed skin. This is much more than a spray-tanning booth. THREE separate skin therapies are combined into one comfortable experience.

First, your skin is fortified with an aloe vera based pre-sunless (prep) spray to pH balance your skin for a natural-looking rich bronze (never orange) result. This prep solution also allows an even application of bronzer.

Next, just the right ratio of DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and only the finest ingredients available are used in our world-renowned skin bronzing formula for an unmatched performance.

Then the anti-aging skin firming moisturizer rejuvenates your skin to evoke youthfulness, as well as enabling your beautiful sunless tan to last longer.

With an open booth design, and technological features such as the EZ-2Breathe filtering system, there is no lingering mist. VersaSpa has incorporated this air purification system to draw any overspray solution into a filter, creating a fresh comfortable atmosphere. This filtering system also eliminates the common problem of other spray booths which allow the overspray to drop onto your feet, giving you an unnatural appearance.

Another innovative feature of VersaSpa is called Comfort-Dry. After each of the three treatments (prep solution, bronzer, and moisture spray) a soft and refreshing air is blown up and down your body, securing each application onto your skin. This eliminates the need for buffing in the solution with a towel which often causes skin streaking in older spray booth models. The gentle drying cycle allows you to leave your treatment refreshed and comfortable, instead of feeling sticky and dreading the next few hours before you can shower!

VersaSpa also gives you the option to do a full-body sunless tan, or just your face or legs for a lesser price.

$20 (after 6% tax)

NEW Clients can BOGO! (Buy One, Get One FREE)
OR try each type bed, booth & spray tan for $50 including taxes. Also includes goggles & small lotion.
ALL Clients can SAVE 5% with CASH payment &/or
SAVE 5% with 5 or more tans &/or
SAVE 5% with "pre-paying" (purchasing more tans before using your last session)

VersaSpa also gives you the option to get a facial spray tan for the price of $5.

Sessions NEVER expire! NO Membership fees! Refer new clients for FREE tans!

NEW CLIENTS: Buy 1, Get 1 FREE; & buy more if you wish approximately 50% off!

OR try each type bed, booth & spray tan for $40 including taxes.

VersaSpa sessions never expire.

Before getting a spray tan, we recommend that you shave areas that you normally shave, exfoliate, and shower.  Do not put anything on your skin including lotion or make-up.  Wear or bring loose, dark clothing, and loose footwear such as flip-flops, slippers, or slip-on shoes.  Bring a towel on which to sit in your car if you are wearing a skirt, dress or shorts, as this will protect fabric upholstery, and help keep you from perspiring if you have leather seats.  You have to stay dry for several hours, so bring an umbrella if it is rainy.  Plan the next several hours so you don't get wet or perspire or wear anything very tight.  Getting wet can cause the spray tan to streak.  Wearing tight clothing and shoes can cause the spray to rub off or rub lines if your clothing is too tight. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!